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Our team has more than 20 years of experience in both financial markets and real estate industry. We look to capitalize on our established relationships and market expertise to structure equity and debt investment with a diverse group of real estate companies. These companies are expected to generate superior risk adjusted returns through retail, occupancy and capital value growth.

We seek to exploit cyclical recovery and structural shifts in property sector as part of our investment strategies.The world real estate market is under-served by financial partners with expertise in emerging financing tools. In 2015, our general partners made a decision to build a high-quality, dedicated real estate investment team within our company to pursue global real estate opportunities. We specialize in structuring real estate deals using Pre-IPO / bridging equity, convertible/ exchangeable debt, corporate equity with asset joint ventures and corporate restructuring.

At Golden Horse, we take a holistic and systemic approach to real estate investing.

  • Proprietary research, financial, and structuring financial models.
  • Ability to generate multiple follow-on investment opportunities with existing relationships
  • Our reputation to a global experienced and respected innovator enhance a company's access to capital and future growth prospects
  • We understands both the eastern & western culture and manages its portfolio company relationships at the senior management and board levels.
  • Approximately 80% of our investments are direct deals (“off-market”).


Located at 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, Cityvibe is a four-storey commercial building near Clementi MRT. It was purchased in November 2016 for S$ 71 million, contingent on the growth of its business in the real estate industry, Cityvibe finds itself near Clementi Polyclinic and The Clementi Mall, and is also a short distance from educational institutions such as Singapore Polytechnic and the National University of Singapore.

Cityvibe has a gross floor area of 46,557 square feet, which works out to about 2.98 times the site area of 15,597 sq ft.


Located at 605 MacPherson Rd, Citimac Industrial Complex is a 110-unit industrial property. It was purchased in July 2017 for S$ 430.1 million, amounting to S$1,047 per square foot of gross floor area.

Citimac finds itself in a redevelopment site zoned "Business 1-White", with a gross plot ratio of 3.5 under the URA Master Plan 2014. Ideal for retail or commercial uses, 349,473 sq ft will be allocated to Business 1 or light industrial use.